Shipyard Services

Our Company

Martship Work Access is the main subcontractor of the German company Elizjum GmbH. Our headquarters are located in Gdansk. We are working with a growing number of European repair yards to repair and redevelop offshore, on commercial and passenger ships.

Extensive experience that our employees have acquired over the years of work in the shipbuilding industry, and a large number of cooperating entities, guarantee our customers high quality of our services and flexibility in managing our Partners expectations.



The environment is one of the most important topics nowadays, so we strive to ensure that the structures and installations of our systems comply with environmental guidelines. The simple and fast-fitting Scrubber system reduces costs and reduces environmental impact. It operates in an open flow of liquid, which uses seawater to remove exhaust gases. We can safely use seawater because Scrubber's work is controlled and monitored throughout the process both at the entrance and exit to ensure that exhaust gases can be discharged back into the sea without harming or destroying the environment.


Our company offers prefabrication and lamination of GRE pipes. Corrosion resistant, easy to install, maintenance-free, long service life – these are just some of the advantages of GRE pipes. Thanks to our qualified staff, we offer both prefabrication- cutting, heating, gluing and professional assembly. For prefabrications or any other work performed by our company we rely on components of the highest quality. Thanks to this, we are able to offer our customers very favorable warranty conditions.


We are able to carry out locksmith services of all kinds, without having to tow the ship to dry dock. Of which:

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, Duplex, Hardox, etc.
  • Make to Order and delivery of special components worldwide
  • Minor repairs, including: window sills, sidewalks, deck construction, etc.


Fuel consumption optimization is now one of the most important factors in the operation of the fleet. New trends that reduce bunker wear-off show an increased need for such solutions. Most existing technical solutions require major modifications to the ship's hull, or changes in engine or rudder design. The electronic system we propose analyzes the parameters of the ship in real time offering the crew optimal settings for the main engine. The system can dynamically respond to the condition and surroundings of the ship, thus allowing you to work with the highest combustion efficiency. Based on our experience in working with installed modules, we have recorded savings of up to 4%, which guarantees that the investment will pay off within a few months after the installation is complete. Our company offers this solution worldwide, taking into account and adapting to the customer schedule.


We are able to provide following services:

  • Renovations/repairs of major motors, auxiliary motors, pumps, cleaners and heat exchangers.
  • Regeneration of used parts, including, but not only: shafts, exhaust/inlet valves, enclosures, pump housings eroded by cavitation or corrosion.
  • Making of necessary parts.


Our employees are experienced in working during a cruise. They are able to perform on both a few-day and months-long cruises. Our company has contracts with specialized contractors from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and other European countries that have proven experience in the field of maintenance and renovation / modernization.


Our company offers a full range of service, repair and/or modification of all types of automation systems. Of which:

Pneumatic, electric and multiplex.


Our company offers renovation works in various locations around the world.

Thanks to the cooperation with various repair yards, our company can carry out repairs of all types of ships. These shipyards have proven that they are reliable partners in complex reconstructions, new projects, as well as in the during regular renovations. Our service offers support to our customers at all stages of the project: from conducting, to agreeing on all key topics, such as price, repair time and conditions, to solving any delivery problems.


Our company can repair and renew all types of ship pipes, fittings, drives, etc.


Our company can perform repairs of all types of various electrical equipment, including:

  • All engine types (rewinding).
  • Repair and/or modification of existing wires.
  • Repair to all types of ship’s lighting.
  • Installation of new electrical systems.


Our company can clean all types of tankers, including:

HFO, DO, GO,LO, Bilge, and Sludge.

Authorised removal/disposal/disposal of oil waste from ships by certified tenants. Fuel and / or oil storage during repair. We are able to carry out cleaning work with a number of methods, including:

Hydro-blasting, grit blasting, mechanical cleaning, and painting in accordance to paint specifications.Work can be performed in port and/or at sea during voyage.

Our company can perform cleaning and painting on all surfaces, including but not limited to:

Decks, structures, cargo holds, ballast tanks, and cargo tanks.


The IMO has formulated guidelines for the management of ballast waters, in which, after ratification, we can find information that all commercial ships must install and use the ballast management system according to the schedule from the beginning of 2012.

Our company offers ballast water management systems from renowned manufacturers from Europe and Asia. Using our experience and documentation, we prepare, design and install the system on board, taking into account the balance between power consumption and the documents necessary to reorganize space on the ship. Installation of the system can take place during regular stay in the dry-dock, in ports around the world or in the open sea. All parts are produced locally, according to the documentation developed after inspection and evaluation on the ship, then they are sent to the indicated place, along with our team of installers. Our company is ready to search for the best, individually selected ballast water management system for the customer taking into account your needs, power, energy consumption, dimensions, schedules and prices.